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Infiniti Malaysia is currently offering Infiniti Flexi Financing services for models like the Q50, QX70 and QX80. It is a balloon financing scheme which allows buyers to service their loans with a lower monthly repayment for five years and deciding what to do with the remaining balance at the end of tenure.

For example, a buyer of an Infiniti Q50 who is taking an 80% loan will have pay a monthly repayment of RM2,580 for five years compared to a regular five year or seven year loan which is RM3,684.97 or RM2,744.93 a month respectively, based on a 2.4% interest rate.


At the end of the five year period, there is a balance of RM90,700 to be paid. At this point, you can decide to either sell the car and use the proceeds to pay the balance and pocket the difference, or if you want to keep your car for a longer period you can opt to settle the balance in cash or refinance it.

The RM90,700 figure is matched to a buy-back guarantee so you don’t have to worry as it is guaranteed they will buy the car from you for the balloon amount. This means if you choose to do so, you can just return the car to Infiniti Malaysia and walk away.

For more info visit the Infiniti KL at The ICON on Jalan Tun Razak or click here to schedule a test drive (according to the form, doorstep test drive is available).