UMW Toyota has announced that it is recalling 255 units of the Lexus NX sold in Malaysia – the recall aims to rectify a potentially faulty anti-lock braking system (ABS) actuator on these particular vehicles.

The issue concerns the improper shape of a component inside the ABS actuator – Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) says that there is a possibility that a resin component could be damaged during its press fitting assembly, leading to the creation of minute resin fragment(s) which could become stuck in the actuator.

If this occurs, the oil pressure control may be delayed when the anti-lock brakes are activated, causing a loss of vehicle stability and increasing the risk of a crash.

UMW Toyota says it has received confirmation from TMC that there are approximately 255 units of the Lexus NX – manufactured from November 2014 to March 2015 – are affected by this issue. It was not disclosed if the exercise involves either the NX 200t or the NX 300h, or both.

The company will contact all affected customers to carry out the necessary corrective measures on their vehicles. Should a vehicle be equipped with an affected ABS actuator, the ABS actuator will be replaced with a newly manufactured one at no cost to the owner. UMW Toyota adds that no other Lexus models sold by it are affected by this issue or are involved in this “special service campaign.”