For regular abusers of designated parking bays, these photos posted by COMOS EV rental service to its Facebook fan page should serve as a warning not to attempt to hog these parking bays because they won’t hesitate to get the city council to tow your car away. That’s what the owner of this chrome Aston Martin Cygnet had to experience first hand.

It’s a sad thing to admit but Malaysians aren’t really known for respecting reserved parking bays. We see crucial facilities such as disabled parking bays being abused everyday, not to mention parking lots that are reserved for hybrid and electric cars in places like shopping malls and the airport.

It’s even more crucial for EV parking bays not to be abused because the cars need to park there to use the charging facilities. For the COMOS EV rental service, returning a car to a designated parking bay and plugging the charger in is vital to the service because if it’s not plugged in, billing will continue.