There’s a nasty video making its rounds on the Internet lately, showing a biker being intentionally knocked down by a car. Why? Because the motorcyclist told the driver to not use his phone while on the road.

This did not happen in Malaysia, as is obvious in the video above (warning, contains expletives), but with the rise of road bullying cases here on our roads recently, it’s a stark reminder of the presence of unethical drivers all around us. Deliberately knocking a biker down for telling you to put your phone down while driving? That’s unacceptable road rage behaviour.

In any case, driving while using your mobile phone is downright wrong. Studies have shown that doing so (or worse yet, texting while driving) impairs a driver’s reaction time more severely than being drunk at the wheel. Drivers, please stop this habit. In-car Bluetooth systems are there for a reason, and no text is worth risking your life for, let alone others.