Forget air, water, food, shelter and all the other insignificant stuff – what we really need these days are our electronic gadgetry. The focus is shifting in the world of cars as well – stuff quad-camshafts, we want quad-core processors!

Audi knows this. So its new Q7 offers up to two 10.1-inch Android tablets behind the front seats that you can detach and bring with you to the hipster cafe. The devices feature a full HD camera, 32 GB internal storage, Bluetooth and NFC.

Powered by Nvidia Tegra 4, the tablets hook up to the car’s navigation plus system through WiFi to allow rear-seat access to radio, media (on-board or online, through in-car LTE), navigation and climate control.

What’s more, the tablets are temperature-resistant and engineered for automotive use, so they’re safe in the event of a crash.

Meanwhile, the new Q7’s touchpad controller supports handwriting input, so you can trace out the letters of your destination or contact names. But unlike BMW’s iDrive Touch, the touchpad is separate from the knob, and it’s a much bigger surface to ‘write’ on.

Watch these videos to learn more about how the new Audi Q7’s tablets and touchpad controller work. Not for any other reason, ya.