suzy celerio diesel 01

Suzuki has developed a lightweight and compact 0.8 litre two-cylinder turbodiesel engine for compact cars – the unit has made its debut in India on the Maruti Suzuki Celerio Diesel. The little oil burner is significant in that it’s the first diesel designed and built in-house by Suzuki – prior diesels utilised by the automaker have been supplied from or produced under the license of other manufacturers.

The blown E08A has a 793 cc displacement, and output figures are a modest 47 hp at 3,500 rpm and 125 Nm of twist at 2,000 rpm. Suzuki touts fuel efficiency at 27.6 km per litre for the twin-cam, eight valve engine.

suzy diesel spec

The unit features an aluminium block and a compact fuel distributor system and turbocharger to aid in weight reduction, and a large intercooler and decreased compression ratio offers a high torque output and fuel efficiency.

Vibration has also been tackled in a big way – the low frequency vibration specific to a two-cylinder diesel engine has been mitigated by optimising the flywheel. Elsewhere, the Celerio Diesel gets additional sound insulation material, a new engine mount and enhanced vehicle body rigidity to further reduce vibration and combustion noise from the mill.