We have just gotten wind of a terrible car theft case involving a sports car here in Malaysia. What’s more alarming is that it happened at a Puspakom inspection centre, with the carjacker in question posing as a person interested to purchase the vehicle.

Prior to an ownership transfer, it’s necessary for all private vehicles in Malaysia to undergo a mandatory inspection at a Puspakom centre to obtain a B5 report required by the JPJ. It’s precisely at the end of the B5 inspection that this carjacking incident took place.

Apparently, the car was left with its key on the dashboard while the report was being processed. That gave an opportunity for the supposed “buyer” to jump into the vehicle and drive off.


Dear readers, it seems that car thieves are getting more daring recently. This is just one of their many modi operandi that we have to be mindful of.

So the next time you’re planning to sell your car, perhaps it’s best to use Puspakom’s Premier Mobile Inspection (PMI) door-to-door service instead, and have the mandatory inspection carried out at your preferred location (for an extra RM100 on top of the standard charges). However, it needs to be said that PMI cannot issue a B7 report that’s required for buyers to process a bank loan application.

If that’s the case, or if the PMI is not available in your area (check the service coverage here) it’s recommendable to carry out the Puspakom inspection by yourself without the buyer present, and to always be aware of your car’s wellbeing throughout the process. Better to be safe than sorry, right?