lorry crash KL 10

A horrifying incident involving a lorry crashing into no less than 24 vehicles in Kuala Lumpur made the news yesterday. Fully laden with sand, the 30-tonne lorry driver reportedly lost control of his brakes on Jalan Jelatek and had no choice but to plough through the cars in traffic.

As is clear from these pictures from siakapkeli.my, it took quite a lot of force to bring such a heavy vehicle to a complete stop. Fortunately enough, though, Kuala Lumpur Traffic Police investigation and traffic law officer DSP S. Markandan told the press that there were no casualties or severe injuries reported.

An investigation of the incident is being conducted, and the police will issue an official statement soon.

Now folks, as far as reminders to keep your vehicles in check go, this is as good as any. It’s extremely important to service your cars within the recommended intervals (mileage or time dependant, whichever comes first), and for those who choose to use independent workshops instead of official service centres, do make sure the technician/mechanic checks the brakes too.