Not content with developing safety tech for cyclists and several other driver assistance platforms, Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) is now hard at work refining a system that is said to be able to detect and avoid potholes altogether. In its current state, the system is only capable of recognising a pothole and adjusting the suspension to deal the impending impact accordingly.

It does so by employing an array of sensors located underneath the vehicle to read the road surface ahead. The onboard systems then react by tuning the suspension setup should it pick up the presence of a pothole (or loose manhole cover). The next step, so says JLR, is to have the system detect and pilot the vehicle around a pothole – within the confines of the lane traversed, of course.

For it to work, the system would utilise a front-facing stereo digital camera to scan the road ahead and, should it be deemed necessary, slow the car down or even bring it to a complete stop depending on the severity of the projected impact. Additionally, said tech will enable the car to share information on the road ahead via cloud computing technology.

Also, an image and GPS location of the pothole will be uploaded and shared with the local authorities to help speed up repair works. Currently, JLR is working closely with the Coventry City Council to further augment development of said technology.

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