The covers have come off the Renault Alpine Celebration concept at Le Mans. Looking a bit Porsche in some places and Audi TT in others (not surprising given the cars it’s targeted against), the concept celebrates Alpine’s 60th birthday, while previewing next year’s road-going sports car.

Throwbacks to Alpines of old include the blue/orange livery, masked double headlamps and alloys that remind one of the A110 and A310 of the 1970s. You’ll find orange callipers, a fixed rear wing, twin tailpipes and a rear diffuser with an F1-style central fog lamp.


The mid-engined car features air intakes in the rear quarter panels to aid cooling, while the engine cover is visible through the louvred motifs of the rear screen. Renault hasn’t said anything about the powertrain – Clio RS‘ 1.6 turbo? Megane RS‘ 2.0 turbo? Six-speed manual? Twin-clutch? Could be any of these.

Bit of a far cry from the more bedroom wall-friendly A110-50 concept – we’d have liked it to look more like that one, to be honest. Lots of rumours surround the long-awaited Boxster/TT rival, including a 1,100 kg kerb weight, 250 hp, a March debut at the Geneva show and technology from Nissan and Daimler. But not Caterham anymore, we’re afraid.

Renault Alpine Celebration concept

Renault Alpine A110-50 concept