Individuals who have been following the buzz surrounding Alfa Romeo’s upcoming 3 Series-fighter might notice that today is the supposed day that the Italian carmaker will reveal its latest creation, supposedly dubbed the Alfa Romeo Giulia – though we’re not too sure if that’s the exact name for it.

Well, to further build on the hype regarding the Giulia, it would appear that several leaked live shots of the car and even a digital render or two have been leaked online, the latter materialising on Carscoop‘s site merely hours after the live shots were revealed. Also, in one particular picture, the ‘Giulia’ tag can be clearly marked out, going against earlier reports that the car could arrive with a different name.


Unfortunately, the second live photo that shows the car’s profile is a tad low on quality but most would be able to deduce the fact that the car is equipped with Alfa’s trademark telephone-dial wheels. Of more interest is that unmistakable Quadrifoglio Verde (QV) badge that’s bolted on top of the front wheel arch.

Check out one of the aforementioned digital renders and you’ll even be able to see exactly where that badge sits – the QV badge is not included in the render but one can mark out the triangular cutout for where it is placed. Speaking of the renders, the duo of supposed interior shots show a driver-oriented cabin, replete with a touchscreen system and deep-set instrument clusters.

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Under the bonnet, multiple reports are already claiming that the 2016 Alfa Romeo Giulia will arrive powered by a range of turbocharged four- and six-cylinder petrol engines. The former is said to be an all-new, Maserati-developed “high-output four-cylinder engine” that will replace the 1750 TBi in the Alfa Romeo 4C – said engine is touted to produce up to 298 hp.

The V6 engine will likely be based on the mill found in the rumoured Ferrari Dino – the twin-turbocharged unit is expected to produce around 500 hp in the Ferrari but will be reworked for its application in the Giulia. More information is expected to follow, so stay tuned for updates.