This is mad, even by Malaysian standards. A car has been caught on dashcam video ramming into a police patrol car at full speed, before leaving the scene immediately. Not an accident, for sure.

The timestamp on the dashcam recording reads June 22, and it’s just past 9am in the morning. Traffic is flowing along Jalan Pudu towards the Jalan Hang Tuah and Jalan Imbi intersection, which is now a seamless underpass. Fast forward to 3:00.

As the recording car climbs up the underpass towards Pudu Sentral, a VW Polo zooms by at speed towards a Proton Waja police patrol car – both are on the left lane. The Polo rams into the Waja at high speed, and both scrape the left side of the underpass wall. With nose to tail, the VW driver steps on the gas, pushing the Proton to the right-sided divider.

The mangled police car ends up facing oncoming traffic, and two officers, one with a rifle, walk out of their car looking bewildered. The VW? It sped away from the scene without pausing for one second. As if this incident wasn’t bizarre enough, it happened right in front of PDRM’s KL headquarters!

The real story? Your guess is as good as ours.