There’s something very cathartic about watching a douchebag get what he deserves – and this is exactly what went down in Brazil recently. A man decides to abuse a dedicated parking spot for handicap motorists by parking his car there and taking off to run some errands.

Upon his return, said superstar finds himself confronted by a laughing crowd. The reason? A team of pranksters have conveniently covered his entire car with paste-it notes, forming the universal logo of a handicap spot – light blue background with a white outline of a man in a wheelchair.

Naturally, the driver is not amused. As he works to clear the notes from his car, he quickly gives up when the crowd decides to pile on the laughs and jeers. Losing his temper, the man wipes off the notes from his windshield, gets in and then furiously spins the wheels as he guns his car down the road.

Sure, because speeding off in a car covered in blue and white paste-it notes looks sooo manly…