Penyebab kesesakan lalu lintas di LDP dan KESAS semalam

Penyebab kesesakan lalu lintas di LDP dan KESAS semalamMore : Sukan Star TVBy : Sukan Star .com @

Posted by Sukan Star TV on Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Stuck in a bad jam on the LDP and KESAS Puchong-bound on Wednesday? This is likely to be the reason. Once again, a lorry has dropped its load on the road, but this is not a brick or a steel bar, but huge gantry-like steel structures!

The CCTV recording above shows the lorry joining the LDP from the KESAS, and as the big machine negotiates the bend, his poorly secured load tips over and crashes on the road. Fortunately, no vehicle was alongside the lorry at that particular moment, or some serious damage and injury might have occurred. Just look at the scars on the road it caused – the structures were very heavy.

While we can do our part and keep a good distance between our vehicles and risky-looking lorries such as this one, it’s not always possible, and they can appear very suddenly, like in this case.

The relevant authorities such as the JPJ really need to step up their game in booking errant lorry drivers and companies, as the safety and lives of road users are at stake. Poorly maintained lorries spewing out plumes of black smoke, lorries that spit out sand and rocks on vehicles behind them, overweight lorries and those with poorly secured cargo – all should be removed from the road.