Ford has introduced its new Front Split-view Camera system that aims to help drivers see clearly around corners when exiting out of junctions – or for any oncoming vehicles when the side of the road is choked full of parked vehicles. Said system employs a one-megapixel, wide-angle lens camera embedded in the front grille and tailgate (of certain models).

The live feed from the camera is then channelled, in a 180-degree view, to the eight-inch screen on the centre console via a tri-panel display system. Ford’s split-view camera system is activated via the push of a button and automatically switches off when the vehicle exceeds 10 km/h.

“From sunrise to sunset we tested the Front Split-View Camera on all kinds of roads, congested urban streets and areas with a lot of cyclists and pedestrians,” said Ronny Hause of Ford’s Driver Assistance Electronic Systems. “Tackling tunnels, narrow alleys and garages in all light conditions also meant we could ensure the technology worked well even when sunlight was shining directly into the camera.”

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A telescopic jet washer helps to keep the camera itself clean – models such as the Explorer equipped with said system will receive a separate washer for the rear camera system. The camera employed is measured at 33 mm wide and said system will debut on the 2015 Ford Edge and 2016 Ford Explorer sold in the US and China. In Europe, the system will be offered on the all-new Ford S-Max and Galaxy.

As part of its long-term plan, Ford will aim to equip most, if not all, of its SUVs with its split-view camera system by 2020. Also, the marque plans to make rearview cameras standard on all of its North American light passenger vehicles by 2018.

Additionally, the next-generation Ford Super Duty will arrive on the scene with the marque’s most comprehensive suite of cameras, augmented by lane-keeping assistance. The entire system will comprise of a total of seven cameras and an all-new digital architecture. For reference, the model with the most amount of cameras at the moment is the 2016 Ford F-150 with a total of five.