An interruption from the usual programming, but one that I’m pretty sure you won’t begrudge us for. Elizabeth Tan doesn’t sing about cars (thankfully!) but her latest video – a collaboration with DJs Goldfish and Blink titled Somewhere New – does feature some four-wheeled action.

And not the kind of mega buck bling wheels that are so common in music videos too, but a pair of rusty old Toyota Corollas! The dance track, which rides on the trend that has seen the likes of Calvin Harris and Avicii top the charts, shows the DJ duo and the pretty YouTube star play cat and mouse around KL, before jumping into cars for phase two of the chase.

Seeing the pair of KE70s dance around on tarmac and gravel reminded yours truly of a day behind the wheel of a similar car. Back in December 2009, I went for a Goodyear-organised “day course” in drifting by husband and wife pro drifters Ariff Johanis Ahmad and Azrina Jane Abdullah, who gave us beginner lessons in the rear-wheel drive KE70 and AE86.

We were taught how to initiate a drift, counter steer and modulate the throttle, all while “feeling” the car and keeping mechanical sympathy out of mind (full account here). Plenty of laughs and crushed cones, plus sore arms the following day. Fun activities that we don’t get to do enough of, unfortunately. Maybe it’s time to get a RWD banger to let off some steam!

Surely Liz didn’t actually drift in the video, did she? Who knows, she might have taken lessons from Jane!