We have now introduced Estimated Cost of Ownership data on our car research website so you can know how much you’ll have to spend on your car’s upkeep beyond just servicing your monthly hire purchase instalments.

The numbers are broken down into five parts for five years or up to 100,000 km. The first two you’ll probably be very familiar with – Road Tax and Insurance. There’s also Fuel Costs, Servicing Costs and Consumable Costs. We’ll go into detail on what these numbers mean.

Road Tax should be self-explanatory. If you click the Calculator icon next to Insurance, you’ll be able to set your starting NCB. We’ll take that NCB number and use it for the first year, and increase the discount over the next five years together with an estimated depreciation of the car’s insured value to estimate how much you’ll have to spend on insurance.

Screen Shot 2015-06-30 at 1.26.26 PM

For Fuel Costs, we’ve attached an estimated real world combined fuel economy figure to each variant based on data compiled from Fuelly and other sources. By default each variant uses either RON95 or diesel, but for certain cars that require RON97, the calculation will use the more expensive fuel. As mentioned before, these numbers are based on 100,000 km over 5 years or 20,000 km per year.

Servicing Costs indicate how much you’ll have to spend on servicing your car based on the car’s service schedule. We painstakingly sourced for each car’s service schedule and cost for this. Some car distributors were very cooperative and swift with their reply for this, so thank you for that.

You’ll notice for brands like Volvo this will show RM0.00 – this is because Volvo offers free service for the first five years as standard. These numbers will also be very useful for you to find out how much a promotional free service package is valued at in terms of cash.

Screen Shot 2015-06-30 at 2.23.31 PM

For Consumable Costs, it currently consists of tyre replacement costs. Please mouseover the blue (i) icon next to each number to see an explanation on what the numbers mean. We intend to add in wiper, brake disc and brake pad replacement costs in the future.

Estimated Cost of Ownership Data is currently available for Honda, Toyota, Perodua, Nissan, Volvo and Peugeot. Mazda data is available for certain models only. Data for Volkswagen, BMW and Kia will be uploaded later this week. As for the other models that are still unavailable, we hope to add the data in soon.

Our Estimated Cost of Ownership data is also available under the Car Comparison tool so you can compare each car’s data side by side to help you make your next car purchase decision. A sample is available here: Compare Toyota Vios 1.5G, Honda City 1.5V and Nissan Almera 1.5VL.

P/S: For estimated depreciation, please use the Car Market Value Guide.