3M Honda CR-Z-10

Honda Malaysia (HM) has announced the availability of selected window tint films at all of its 82 dealerships nationwide. Customers who purchase any current Honda will have the option to install the authorised window films at an affordable price. Four are currently offered, and they are:

3M – Horizon Safety (only in Pen. Malaysia) – RM1,500
Ecotint – Ray Barrier 4 – RM1,500
Ecotint – Ray Barrier 6 – RM2,100
Ecotint – Ray Barrier Premier 6 – RM2,800

HM says that it went through a stringent process to select 3M and Ecotint as applicators of choice. 3M imports its film from Japan and Korea, while Ecotint’s products are manufactured by Sumitomo Osaka Cement Co Ltd in Japan.

The selected films have varying thickness and visible light transmittance (VLT), but all comply with JPJ regulations. Using non-metallised and low infrared rejection films, HM says that customers need not worry about interference of electromagnetic signals and can use GPS and Smart Tags normally. The specs of the films are listed below.


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Those who purchase HM’s selected window films get five years warranty from the date of installation, transferable ownership for warranty, after sales support as well as a shorter and safer installation process, the company says.

Films are usually measured and trimmed directly on the car windows during the installation process. The heating process can potentially damage surrounding rubber and plastic parts, while scratches on the windows can happen, HM says, adding that this collaboration with 3M and Ecotint has enabled both suppliers to pre-heat and pre-cut their films to match Honda models, which translates to a shorter installation process and lower risk of damage.