Buat laju ikut suka hati, orang lain yg kena kemudian turun kereta buat mcm x salah. Alfaatihah buat Ustaz Jamal yg meninggal di tempat kejadian dan anaknya patah kaki.Kepada pemandu2 di Malaysia tolong memandu dgn berhemah. Ini kalo org lain kena langgar, kalo anda adalah mangsanya. Jgn nak salahkan Tuhan yg menentukan. Memang Tuhan menentukan tapi sebagai pengajaran dan anda kena menanggungnya. Bukan setakat bayar pampasan. Qisas dibalas qisas. Bila anda pandu laju maknanya anda tahu anda akan membahayakan orang lain dan boleh membunuh. Maka bunuh hukumnya bunuh ye. #TolongBersabarKeranaSabarAdalahKayuUkurImanKita

Posted by Ali Isa on Thursday, July 2, 2015

Warning: graphic content. The video above shows a gnarly crash between a Proton Saga FLX and a motorcycle, which happened near Segamat, on the Johor Bahru-Seremban road. The bike rider was killed on the spot, while his nine-year-old son suffered a broken leg.

It’s unclear what exactly caused the accident. As you can see in the clip above, the Proton appeared to spear directly into the path of the motorcycle, which had just pulled away from a stop light.

The driver apparently claimed to have lost control of his vehicle from avoiding a different car in the opposing lane. The speed and angle of the car’s approach before the accident would support this claim. Some parties on the Internet, however, believe that the driver tried to run a red light.

Whatever it was, the consequences are tragic.

Dear readers, let this serve as another reminder to always drive carefully on the roads. Stick to the speed limit, pay attention behind the wheel, and anticipate the movement around you so you can react better/faster. Remember, your mistake may cause harm to others too.