Audi RS4 Avant Nogaro-01

With emission laws getting tighter, putting more strain on automakers to get with the program, the all-wheel drive Audi RS4 will be of no exception. The upcoming sport version of the Audi A4 will have its high-revving 4.2 litre V8 swapped out with a turbocharged engine to see it working around these regulations.

The new RS4 is slated to be introduced into the market ‘relatively early,’ Heinz Hollerweger, head of Audi’s Quattro GmbH told Car & Driver. While it loses the grunt and the naturally aspirated push of the V8, it makes it up for that in terms of power figures instead by way of a turbine.

The turbocharged engine is expected to develop more than 450 hp, output figures to either top its current number or outdo that of its closest rivals including the current generation M3 which makes 431 hp, however as turbocharging goes, we’d be expecting to see higher torque figures instead.

While no other details have been shared about the new force-induced motor, what’s known is that it will be a six-cylinder engine. In terms of what shape the car will take, Hollerweger has confirmed that the the new top-of-the-range A4 will come in the form of the Avant station wagon as he justified that there was increasing demand for estates and that it was what ‘people expected.’