singapore road

Come August 1, Singapore-registered vehicles will be charged a vehicle entry permit (VEP) fee of RM20 each time they enter Johor Bahru via the Causeway and the Second Link.

The VEP will affect Singaporeans who drive into Malaysia, lorries as well as Malaysians driving Singapore-registered vehicles. There will be no exemptions, unlike in Singapore where VEP is not collected on weekends and public holidays.

The latter group – Malaysians working in the republic and driving Singapore-registered vehicles – are not receiving any sympathy from the authorities, as they should have no problem paying the VEP charge, The Star reports.

Johor Mentri Besar Datuk Mohamed Khaled Nordin explained that those who can afford to buy a vehicle in the city state would surely be able to pay the RM20 to enter Malaysia. “Cars in Singapore are expensive and those who can afford them are high-income earners. I do not need to fight for those who are able,” he said.

The MB added that Johor welcomed the VEP charge but was awaiting instructions from the Federal Government regarding its implementation.

Last week, the MCA Public Services and Complaints Bureau suggested a monthly pass with a discounted rate for Malaysians affected. Bureau chairman Jason Teoh said that with the VEP, they would have to pay up to five different charges travelling to and from the republic. This includes tolls in both countries and total costs can amount to up to S$500 (RM1,405) per month.