What this dude replied, prove that he admit himself is a NOOB driver.

Posted by My Malaysia-??? ??????? on Friday, July 10, 2015

The video above is being shared on various social media platforms. It shows a Perodua Axia driver parking at a handicapped lot who, even when confronted by a lady behind the camera, refused to move his vehicle. “There are no OKUs (orang kurang upaya) here,” he defended himself.

That, gentlemen, is ignorance right there. Perhaps there were no OKUs around at the time, but that’s not an excuse for such behaviour. OKU parking lots are specifically allocated spots that are significantly wider than standard parking lots. Why? It’s to allow easier access for a person who is in a wheelchair.

These parking lots are built in very limited number compared to normal parking lots, in line with the Persons with Disabilities Act 2008. With the enforcement of the act, the needs of the disabled becomes a right, rather than merely welfare.

Malaysians, we should spread the awareness on how important it is not to abuse OKU parking facilities. Let’s leave them to those who really need them. If your friends or relatives have the habit of parking in OKU parking lots, advise them against it.