Handphone drving

The number of fatal accidents involving drivers preoccupied with using their mobile phones whilst driving is on the rise, according to research carried out by the Road Transport Department (JPJ).

Kedah JPJ director Nik Ahmad Syazwan Nik Azman said that research showed that a large number of fatal accidents cases were due to texting while driving, and worryingly, most of these involved youths, The Star reports. He said besides reading and replying to text messages, it was also not surprising to see the younger generation using their smartphones to take a selfie and upload a pix while behind the wheel.

“This is very dangerous as the drivers’ attention is diverted to texting and uploading selfies when they should be giving full focus on the road. Such irresponsible attitude towards other road users has become a ‘driving culture’ among our younger generation these days,” he said.

“As such, more road safety campaigns highlighted on the ‘No Texting while Driving’ is being carried out not only to spread awareness among motorists, but also to school children in the state,” he told reporters.