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Another electric vehicle manufacturer is poised to enter the fray, though it’ll be 2017 before its first car arrives on the scene. California-based Faraday Future says its offering will be “100% electric, zero-emission, fully-connected and personalised in ways never even considered possible.”

There’s only a teaser image of the FF EV thus far, and the company’s website is sparse on the info, save to say it’s made up of an eclectic band of creatives, coders, engineers and believers who want to deliver clean, connected, smart mobility for all.

faraday future 2

Motor Trend, however, reports that FF is one ambitious automaker, continuing to hire aggressively despite already having 200 people in its employ. The company claims to have recruited hundreds of the best of the best technology-focused talents from the most innovative companies of today, and the notable names in mix attests to that.

The publication reports that the FF cast includes former BMW creative director Page Beermann as well as Richard Kim, former head of design on the BMW i8 and i3 concepts and Nick Sampson, ex-Tesla. It also reports that the FF’s multi-cell battery is expected to have a 98 kWh capacity and that the module will be designed for mass-production, with applications determined by different capacities.