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One must never underestimate the perils faced by ambulance drivers in this country. These individuals are very much the unsung heroes in our midst as they have to dodge heavy traffic and inconsiderate drivers who refuse to give way, often on a daily basis, as Bernama reports.

Driving an ambulance isn’t an easy task, as drivers need to be solely focused on saving lives and ensuring the patients they are transporting reach the hospital efficiently, yet safely. Sadly, there are still a number of road users who are selfish and simply ignore the ambulance siren, said ambulance driver Nozarie Abdul Hamid.

The 40-year-old, who works for the Penang Civil Defence Department, said that inconsiderate drivers could cause a patient to die because the progress of the ambulance was hindered and treatment was late.

“Some of them do not give way and even follow us closely from behind, and this is very dangerous,” he said. This is quite obvious even in the Klang Valley, as even I have witnessed all kinds of shenanigans by drivers who try to tail an ambulance just to get a ‘free pass’ through traffic.

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Occasionally, there are bright spots in this profession, as once after he successfully transported a Japanese national who was seriously injured in the calf due to broken glass, he received an official gesture of appreciation from the Japanese Embassy.

Norazie believes that being courageous is a given in this job, but competency in terms of handling a bulky ambulance in certain high-speed scenarios is essential to remain safe. Moreover, assisting the medical crew to treat victims and take down relevant information is also of paramount importance.

Lee Shin Ling, 28, an ambulance driver with Penang St. John Ambulance told the publication that she initially felt nervous and awkward about the whole idea of ferrying sick passengers in emergencies, but was now comfortable about doing so, having had eight years of experience behind the wheel.

What are your thoughts on this? Do Malaysian drivers give way enough to ambulances, or are they just inconsiderate and indifferent to the workings of the emergency medical service? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section.