2013_Toyota_Vios_fuel_test 001

Good news! Fuel prices for the month of August 2015 have been announced, and it turns out that the cost of all grades of fuel have been cut by 10 sen.

As such, come midnight, RON 95 petrol will be priced at RM2.05 per litre, RON 97 petrol at RM2.45 per litre (inclusive of 6% GST), diesel at RM1.95 and Euro 5 diesel at RM2.05. This compares favourably to current prices of RM2.15 per litre for RON 95 petrol, RM2.55 per litre for RON 97 petrol, RM2.05 for diesel and RM2.15 for Euro 5 diesel.

Before you rejoice at the lower RON 97 petrol price and head out for a fresh tank of high-octane fuel, be sure to read our real-world fuel test comparing the two petrol grades.