As you know, 2017 promises to be another exciting year for Formula 1 in terms of regulation changes. This particular video animation by Giorgio Piola, posted by OmniCorse, shows what F1 cars could look like once the new set of regulations is enforced. In a nutshell, Formula 1 cars in 2017 will be a lot more aggressive, both in terms of looks and hopefully, performance too.

Firstly, the cars will be marginally wider than they are now (with wider front wings), while the overall length will be significant increased too. The new rear tyres will also see an increase from 420 mm to 450 mm, while the air-intakes on the side pods will be swept back by 15 degrees.

Rear aerodynamics will also see quite a revision. Both rear wing elements will be set considerably lower and wider than they are now. Interestingly, the structures around the side pods will be set at pre-determined angles, including the rear wing uprights.

Watch the video above for more details. Whether the changes will make for better racing remains to be seen, but the cars will sure look more exciting, that’s for sure. Race fans, what do you think of this?