The big blue four-door sports sedan from Lexus was not built with a “sour-face,” according to Yukihiko Yaguchi, chief engineer behind models such as the Lexus RC F and now, the upcoming Lexus GS F. One of the more powerful sedans in the market, it sure doesn’t seem like it was built with a lackadaisical attitude.

In the video that wears a very simple title, Lexus GS F – Chief Engineer Interview, Yaguchi starts off by describing how the GS F possesses true F philosophy. “Every F has to be exhilarating out on track but it also has to be the same out on public roads,” adding that the trip to and from the track must be both safe and comfortable like normal cars.

Yaguchi, whose previous works also include the generation-defining Toyota Supra, states that the three virtues of the F brand are sound, response and power.

With a rear-wheel drive layout, together with a 477 hp/530 Nm naturally-aspirated 5.0 litre V8 engine beneath the hood, the four-door sedan is perceived to be a BMW M5 rival. It doesn’t quite have the figures just yet – the F10 BMW M5 has a 4.4 litre twin-turbo V8 that produces 560 hp/680 Nm – but for visual aggression, it looks to have the Bimmer beat.

We will probably see more Lexus models being added to the F’s stable of high-performance vehicles soon enough. “We will select the models that best fit with the times and turn these into F models,” Yaguchi said. BMW M3-chasing new Lexus IS F, anyone?