Mazda KOERU crossover concept

Mazda has confirmed that it will giving the Koeru crossover concept a world debut at next month’s Frankfurt show. The official sketch above shows a typical Mazda face and familiar character lines on a body that appears to be pretty long.

The Japanese word koeru means to “exceed” or “go beyond,” a fitting name for Mazda’s new foray into the growing crossover SUV market, because the model aims to exceed existing category standards and stereotypes, the Hiroshima-based carmaker says.

“As the latest embodiment of Mazda’s Kodo Soul of Motion design theme, Mazda aimed to impart the Koeru with the power and vitality of a wild animal while maintaining a sense of refined dignity. The latest Skyactiv technologies ensure the model provides outstanding environmental performance without compromising on Mazda’s renowned driving pleasure,” the official statement reads.

A low-roofed “coupe” sister of the popular CX-5? We’ll see.