In a less dramatic video, the Range Rover Evoque Cabriolet is seen going hard round the Nurburgring. Admittedly, being a tall SUV, it looks pretty agile for its size, particularly when it takes on those bends. But then again, it isn’t exempted from the laws of physics as you can hear the tyres screeching loudly.

Engine variants is likely be similar to the ones offered in the 2016 facelift Evoque. This includes the new Ingenium diesel engines with two different power outputs (150 PS or 180 PS) or a 240 PS Si4 petrol engine.

It will have the ability to seat four, with a Roll Over Protection System that pops-up automatically if the convertible topples over. Changes in torsional rigidity and weight will be minimal, says Land Rover.

The new convertible Evoque is expected to hit showrooms next year. Although it’s still all wrapped up, its shape is undoubtedly a unique one especially when the retractable roof is down. It looks very fit for a safari ride don’t you think?