Proton Motorsports has released yet more teaser photos of its new baby, the Proton Iriz R3 touring car, on its Facebook page – and this time it looks like preparations are nearly complete, with the team stating that the car is almost ready for its first shakedown test. It is hoped that the Iriz will be completed in time for Round 4 of the Malaysian Championship Series (née Malaysian Super Series) on August 28 to 30.

Photographed at the rear next to its more illustrious Suprima S cousin, the Iriz certain seems like it’s pretty much ready to hit the track with its tailgate pins and race-spec quick fuel filler, and appears to just be waiting for its signature Proton blue-and-yellow graphics and, of course, the badge on the tailgate.


To recap, the Iriz touring car – built according to 1,600 cc Malaysian Touring Car specifications for MCS – is claimed to push out as much as 190 hp (that’s 119 hp per litre without a turbo!), sent through a close-ratio five-speed manual transmission (probably the same dog-engagement unit as its Suprima S cousin) to the front wheels.

Other mouth-watering components include a six-point roll cage (as per regulations), Öhlins adjustable suspension and large Alcon disc brakes. Proton Motorsport claims that we’ll see the finished product in about two to three weeks’ time, and we can’t wait!