There has been a lot of negativity surrounding us lately, be it on the news or social media. Hence, Castrol MAGNATEC wishes Malaysians to spread happiness by sharing positive messages and their sound of happiness.

Well-known Malaysians like Nora Danish, Farid Kamil, Sazzy Falak, and Shaheizy Sam are sharing their sounds of happiness too. Not to mention radio personalities like Ben FlyFM, AG HotFM, YingYing OneFM.

What is that, exactly? To some of us, it’s the sound of the calming waves. To others, it may be the sound of a child’s laughter or even the personalised ringtone of your other half.

Castrol MAGNATEC invites you to share your sound of happiness with fellow Malaysians at Join in the fun and nominate your friends to share on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with #ListenToHappiness and #MyMAGNATEC tags and be the first few in Malaysia to own an Apple Watch, plus other cool prizes.

You can also create a Happy Tune based on Malaysians’ most common Happy Sounds. Check out how Elizabeth Tan did it in the Insta video below. With just a few clicks, you’ll be to create one yourself, share and make Malaysia a happier place. Check it out now at

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