It doesn’t matter what you drive, be it an ageing econobox or a high-end exotic – one has absolutely no right to park one’s vehicle illegally. Case in point, a series of photos depicting an illegally parked Porsche Boxster covered in dried leaves and an overturned rubbish bin have begun to make their rounds on social media.

The photos, first uploaded by Siakap Keli, appear to have been taken at the Putrajaya Hospital. According to reports, the female driver had parked her Porsche Boxster at an undesignated spot near the maternity ward after failing to locate an empty parking lot.


As a result, her selfish actions had most definitely hindered many motorists from accessing the car park, who undoubtedly had to go the long way round to park their respective vehicles. It was only a matter of time before an infuriated motorist decided to send the irresponsible driver a message by dumping a huge amount of dried leaves before laying a rubbish bin on top of the vehicle.

The moral of the story here is painfully simple – please, please do not ever resort to parking your vehicle in an illegal/undesignated lot. Irresponsible drivers should know that he/she isn’t the only one out for business and doing so will cause others a great deal of inconvenience. It’s not that hard to be considerate, folks.