All right F1 fans, hang on to your hats! It’s the official five best F1 overtakes in the last five years as determined by a poll on’s twitter feed.

First up we have Fernando Alonso pulling a move on Felipe Massa and Mark Webber. It all happens on the front straight at the 2012 Brazilian Grand Prix in Interlagos, and Alonso is behind both of them as they get round the corner before the straight. Webber pulls out of Massa’s slipstream and is alongside him, but Alonso, who is behind them, gets a massive tow from both of their cars, and just whizzes past with some real late braking too.

Next up we have Kimi Raikkonen overtaking Michael Schumacher at the 2012 Belgium Gran Prix at the Circuit de Spa Francorchamps. Raikonnen gets great drive through the first corner and is right in Schumacher’s slipstream. He pulls out and just blazes past through Eau Rogue.

Then we have Sebastian Vettel who does a classic switchback manoeuvre through the Luffield corner at the 2014 Great Britain Grand Prix in Silverstone. Alonso takes a tight line going in to Luffield, but runs wide, and Vettel grabs the opportunity to dive into the inside. Alonso tries to squeeze Vettel, but Vettel persists and eventually brakes really late into Copse.

The number two overtake is a bit of a fortuitous one for Felipe Massa. It’s the 2012 Singapore Grand Prix, and the action happens between turn 16 and turn 17. Massa gets good drive behind Bruno Senna, and despite Senna squeezing him into the next corner, Massa rather sneakily manages to get past. You’ll probably have to give Senna credit for not closing the door completely.

But the winning overtake, as voted by the official twitter poll is a real keeper. It’s the 2011 Belgium Grand Prix, and Fernando Alonso has just left the pits. Mark Webber is approaching him at a rapid rate of knots and Alonso moves over to the left to defend. But Webber is having nothing of it. He pulls out of Alonso’s slipstream and they both enter Eau Rogue side-by-side. Mercifully, Alonso backs out. This was a truly epic and ballsy move by the Australian.

This is certainly a great way to get revved up for the 2015 Belgian Grand Prix on August 23. Happy viewing from all of us at!