In an exclusive story by Deadline, it has be revealed that Christian Bale has been tapped up to play Italian car magnate Enzo Ferrari in a new biopic that will be directed by Michael Mann. Interestingly, Mann is said to have been working on this film for the last 15 years, even striking a partnership with the late director, Sydney Pollack.

It is quite evident that this film project is very close to Mann’s heart, and it is believed the biopic will take place in 1957, a year which will live long in the hearts of true Ferrari fans. It was during the 1957 Mille Miglia, near the town of Guidizzolo, that a 4.0 litre Ferrari 335S driven by Alfonso de Portago was barrelling down the road at approximately 250 km/h when one of its tyres blew, sending the out-of-control car into a crowd.

On that fateful day, de Portago, his co-driver and nine spectators lost their lives, and five of them were children. Enzo Ferrari and Englebert, the tyre manufacturer, were charged with manslaughter in a court case that lasted for four years before eventually being dismissed. More sadness was to engulf Enzo, as his son Alfredo ‘Dino’ Ferrari also passed away from muscular dystrophy in the same year.

Just to jog one’s memory, the last time Mann and Bale worked together was in the 2009 film, Public Enemies. Some of Mann’s recent films haven’t really hit the heights of his past epic offerings such as The Last of the Mochicans, The Insider, Collateral and of course, his 20-year-old masterpiece, Heat.

Just to recap, it was revealed way back in April that Hollywood superstar, Robert De Niro will also be playing Enzo Ferrari in a separate big-budget biopic. That one, though, will take place from the founding of the automaker to Enzo’s last days in the late 1980s.

So, moviegoers will have two Enzo Ferrari biopics to look forward to. Who’s your money on to pull this one off? Mine is on the 71-year old legend, De Niro.