Aston Martin Rapide S-06

Oh, the irony in a name. While Aston Martin has revealed plans to build an all-electric Rapide with around 800 hp, it won’t feature a similar mind-blowing boost function like the latest Tesla Model S’ new Ludicrous Mode. Not for as long as Aston Martin CEO, Andy Palmer stays at the helm, Automotive News reports.

“We don’t do Ludicrous because Ludicrous speed is stupid,” Palmer was reported as saying. The brand head further explained, “I think that the fact that you could drive a few laps of a decent race course or race it around the Nordschleife is much more interesting than doing 500 metres in Ludicrous mode.”

Ludicrous Mode will be featured in the 2016 Tesla Model S. Upon activation, the electric sedan will receive a sudden boost of electric power that will surge it forward from 0-96 km/h in 2.8 seconds, while the quarter-mile sprint takes just 10.9 seconds to complete.

tesla model s 01

In his own Twitter account, meanwhile, Palmer added that the Aston Martin will have a “preposterous mode (beyond insane) as standard – no funny button!”

Further commenting on Tesla, Palmer noted that Elon Musk’s company is not yet a threat to Aston Martin. “I think it’s hard, though not impossible, for them as a relatively new brand to keep pushing up and to go into that super premier area,” he said.

The all-electric Rapide is estimated to be priced somewhere between USD$200k to USD$250k (RM850k to RM1.06 million), a fair bit more than the Model S, which tops out at USD$142,000 (RM605k). Which begs the question, really. What’s with the hostility, then?