As part of its safety campaign, Toyota has officially launched an app that can automatically identify as to whether passengers or the driver are wearing their seat belts or not. Called the ‘Seat Selfie’, the app was developed by Toyota together with Hakuhodo i-studio and Yamasaki Lab of the University of Tokyo.

It’s Toyota’s way to encourage road safety habits in Asia, particularly through the use of safety belts. The app, which requires a data connection, has the ability to scan selfie pictures uploaded by the user, following which, the user will be nudged if they don’t have their safety belts securely fastened in place. If they are buckled in however, it will then allow the user to share the selfie on social media platforms.

Users can instantly make known to the world that they’re wearing a seat belt on either Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or chat services such as WhatsApp and Line. The app is in line with Toyota’s “We Are Safety Leaders” campaign, with which a pledge site will follow suit sometime this year.

Hao Tien, senior vice president, Toyota Motor Asia Pacific explained, “belting up is such a simple and easy action but it can save lives and reduce injuries from collision. A safer road environment can be achieved if everyone does their part to keep themselves safe and look out for other road users.” The mobile application is available for download on the App Store and Google Play store.

The campaign will extend across Malaysia, Brunei, Cambodia, India, Myanmar, Pakistan Indonesia, Philippines and Vietnam. In addition to that, Toyota will be giving users of the Seat Selfie app a chance to win a trip for two to the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show.

How can one enter? You guessed it, fasten your seatbelt, snap a selfie and share it. Just make sure you’re not driving while doing so.

Download Seat Selfie for iOS
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