BMW have released a massive photo gallery of the new 7 Series from their currently on-going international press drive event in Portugal. The photos release are more detailed than what was released during the unveiling so you can have a closer look at the new iDrive and tablet.

There are four models in the gallery – a short wheelbase 730d as well as long wheelbase 740Le, 750Li xDrive and 750Li Individual models. All four models carry the standard exterior though – we’re trying to get a hold of pix of the M Sport model which was a feature at the North American edition of the same press event.

In the meanwhile please enjoy the gallery after the jump.



GALLERY: BMW 750Li xDrive

GALLERY: BMW 750Li Individual

GALLERY: BMW 740i with M Aerodynamic exterior

GALLERY: BMW 750Li xDrive (US)

GALLERY: BMW 750Li M Sport xDrive (US)