It was reported yesterday that the MyLesen programme, due to come into effect on September 15, will see the cost of obtaining a class B2 motorcycle license reduced from RM350 to RM299. It is hoped that the scheme will reduce the number of riders without license.

National Road Safety Council member Tan Sri Lee Lam Thye is all for it. “As stated by the Road Transport Department recently, a total of 3.35 million motorcyclists in the country do not have licences, and one reason is the high costs. With this programme, at least this number will be reduced,” he told Bernama.

But should the programme take off, there will be a higher number of youth on motorcycles on the road, and Lee is urging the relevant authorities to pay more attention to the discipline of motorcyclists to reduce the risk of accidents among them.

“With this programme, there will be more motorcyclists especially youths on the roads. Hopefully they will more observant of the regulations and will be better motorcyclists in order to avoid accidents. The authorities have to monitor this,” he said.