The W213 Mercedes-Benz E-Class prototypes that have been going around on test have dropped some of the heavy camo they’ve been wearing.

Seen here is a “sport grille” unit with most of the side camo gone, with only some tape covering the crease lines on the side of the body.

Since Mercedes-Benz have already revealed what the headlamp and taillamp of the new E-Class will look like we can pretty much piece how the car will look like together in our mind.

It’s only a matter of time before some graphic artist like Theophilus Chin whips out a rendering of the car based on the headlamp and taillamp images released.

Our spy photographers also sent another interior shot together with this latest set. As you can see the interior design is heavily influenced by the W222 S-Class, but the E-Class makes do with just one large COMAND display as the instrument cluster uses physical dials instead of a digital cluster.

There’s no clock in between the four air cond vents on the centre of the dashboard as it’s been moved lower below the climate control panel. The climate control panel itself appears to be lifted from the C-Class.