BMW have introduced BMW M Performance parts for the new G11/G12 BMW 7 Series. Most of these parts require either the M Sport package or the M Aerodynamics package to be equipped to your car, but some parts like the wing mirror caps and boot lid spoiler do not.

If you’re not satisfied with having carbon fibre actually integrated into your car’s “Carbon Core” chassis, you can now put bits all over the exterior of your car too in the form of carbon fibre wing mirror caps.

Some of these M Performance bits replace the 7 Series chrome trim with high gloss black, such as the one that runs across the length of the car and around the Air Breather vent. There’s also a black BMW M Performance front grille. The boot lid spoiler is finished in matt black as default but can also be painted body colour as per what you see in the image gallery.

The alloy wheels you see in the set are 21 inch BMW M Performance Style 650 M double spoke forged wheels with a bi-colour look. They’re about two kg lighter than the equivalent standard cast aluminium wheel.

For the interior, there are only BMW M Performance steel pedal covers which you can buy to fit around the standard pedals for now.