Microsoft recently released a new TV commercial for its upcoming Xbox One racing game, Forza Motorsport 6, and it is entitled “Legacy”. The 90-second video is a blast from beginning to end, as it pays homage to the racing genre’s evolution over the last 40 years.

The video pays tribute to games like the “Gran Trak 10”, “Pole Position”, “RC Pro Am,” “Chase HQ” and most recently, “Ridge Racer.” Interestingly, there is absolutely no sign of Gran Turismo graphics or video anywhere at all.

Speaking to Gamespot, Xbox’s marketing chief, Mike Nichols said, “from the very beginning, video games have tried to recreate the feeling of what it’s like to race the cars of our dreams.”

So, Nichols strongly believes that this has always been the goal of Forza Motorsport, and on its tenth anniversary of the series, the vision is as close as it has ever been. Fittingly, the end line of the commercial wraps it up by saying, “this is what we’ve been racing toward.”

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According to the publication, Microsoft created the commercial by photographing a real-life prototype of the Ford GT that was placed on a motion-controlled hydraulic rig. Tracking markers were then utilised in-camera so that shots of the real car blended seamlessly into the simulated environment of the earlier generation games.

It should be noted that the commercial was aired during the recent Formula One Italian Grand Prix in Monza, and that the song featured in the advertisement is entitled “Danger! High Voltage” from the Detroit, Michigan-based band, Electric Six.

The official release date for Forza 6 is set for September 15, but for those who bought the $100 (RM434) Ultimate Edition pack, they can start playing it on September 10. We’ve also included the official launch trailer video below. Happy viewing from all of us at