Currently circulating on Facebook are these videos of an illegal motorcycle race session that ended in carnage, said to have happened recently.

Uploaded by FB user Semut Gergasi, the videos show around six bikes speeding down the Kesas Highway, watched by hundreds of people on the side of the highway and under a bridge. Just like any other weekend night on certain stretches of highway, but this lumba haram ends in tragedy as one of the bikers slam into the back of a Proton Exora.

exora-mat-rempit-kesas-edThe damaged rear end of the Proton Exora that was hit by an illegal racer. Pic by FB user Semut Gergasi

Rider and bike were sent flying by the impact, and like a pack of dominoes, his fellow thrill seekers fall off their machines. Sparks fly and the crowd gasps in horror. A mob of what looked like hundreds of bikers then enter the screen, blocking the entire highway.

It is said that many of the riders involved in the crash were hurt, some seriously. We hope that the innocent motorist in the Exora, and his/her occupants survived the incident unharmed. It must have been a harrowing experience.

Sadly, scenes of young motorcyclists racing illegally and in an unruly manner are common in our country. What to do when you’re caught in such a situation? It’s best to slow down and let them pass. Pulling over to “sit out the storm” is a good option too, but if you choose to do this, be sure to check (and double check) your mirrors and signal as these bikers could be approaching at very high speeds, with or without lights.

It’s unwise to get into an altercation with a mob should the unfortunate happen. It doesn’t matter who’s right or wrong when the safety of the family is at stake. Stay safe and God bless us all.