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Not long to go before the 2015 Ford Ranger facelift makes its debut in Malaysia, it would seem – reader Firdaus Abdullah spotted some units of the refreshed T6 on a transporter heading out from Port Klang, which suggests that a launch isn’t all that far away. It was reported earlier that the pick-up was set for market introduction here sometime in early Q4.

The facelifted Ranger made its world premiere at the Bangkok Motor Show in March, and exterior changes include a new face, now featuring a bold, chrome trapezoidal grille that isn’t too dissimilar from the F-150 Raptor’s in shape. New too is the headlamp design, upgraded to projector units, and there’s also a new hood with strakes in the middle.

Three Duratorq TDCi engine versions should be available here – no output changes to the first of the two Puma mills, with the P5AT 3.2 litre five-cylinder Duratorq continuing on with 197 hp and 470 Nm of torque. It does however feature a reworked EGR system for better efficiency.

ford ranger fl spy 2

As for the ZSD-422 2.2 litre four-cylinder Duratorq TDCi, the output has been bumped up to 158 hp and 385 Nm from the 148 hp and 375 Nm found on the pre-facelift. The high-efficiency derivative of the ZSD-422 also gets a slight power hike, now offering 129 hp, which is six horses more than the 123 hp seen on the current Ranger XL.

Mechanical revisions include the introduction of stop-start tech – which is claimed to offer improve fuel efficiency of around 3.5% – and a longer final drive ratio. Transmission choices remain as before, the 6R80 six-speed auto and MT82 six-speed manual being the options. The Ranger also gets electric power steering, which is a first in the segment.

Indicative pricing hasn’t yet been revealed, but expect a bit of a hike – it was intimated back in August that pricing for the facelift was set to be around 3% higher than currently, but the Ringgit’s performance since then might see a price increase beyond that.

2015 Ford Ranger world debut, Bangkok Motor Show