This is the new BMW X4 M40i, which slots in above the previously range-topping xDrive35i model. These leaked images and details appeared on and AutoTijd earlier today.

While both the xDrive35i and the M40i are powered by 3.0 litre turbo six-cylinder engines, the M40i puts out 360 PS and 465 Nm of torque which is a 54 PS and 65 Nm advantage. As a result, it’s 0.6 seconds quicker to the 100 km/h sprint at 4.9 seconds.

The M40i basically looks like an M Sport car but there are some minor differences such as bespoke alloy wheels as well as satin grey trims on the front bumper and mirror caps. The tail pipe configuration is a single large diameter design on the left and right sides of the bumper.


This design is typically used by the 35i tunes, but for some reason the 35i X4 used twin small-diameter tail pipes on the left side of the bumper, a design typically used for four-cylinder engines.

At the new power levels, the M40i would be comparable to the Porsche Macan S which has 340 horses and 460 Nm. There’s no word at the moment if BMW will make an X4 M, which would be the model that would square off against the 400 hp, 550 Nm Porsche Macan Turbo.

The 360 PS, 465 Nm engine could be used in the upcoming BMW M2 as well, if BMW doesn’t go all the way and give it the M3’s 431 hp, 550 Nm engine.