This is the new Honda Greiz, which Dongfeng Honda unveiled for the Chinese market earlier this week (some live pix from AutoHome). If you think it looks familiar, it’s because it’s basically a Honda City with a revised exterior. The name Greiz must have been inspired by the City’s JDM name – Honda Grace.

Now don’t be fooled – this isn’t the Honda City facelift. Honda has two JV partnerships in China – Dongfeng Honda and Guangqi Honda. Since Guangqi Honda has the rights to sell the original Honda City in China, Honda developed the Greiz so that Dongfeng would have a B-segment sedan to sell as well.

As you can see, the Honda Greiz features a front end that’s closer in style to the Jazz, HR-V and 2016 Civic, featuring a “Solid Wing Face”. The City’s chrome reflector headlights are replaced with black projectors to give it a more upmarket look.

Other than the unique exterior, we don’t quite see any differentiation with the interior. The Greiz’s 1.5 litre engine and CVT gearbox should be the same as the Chinese market Honda City as well.