Beginning October 1, 2015, the United Kingdom will be putting a ban on smoking in cars which have passengers below the age of 18 in them.

In a bid to protect minors and teenagers from the harms of secondhand smoke, the UK government is implementing the new law that will apply in both England and Wales, and could see fines up to GBP£50 (RM333) served to the driver and/or the smoking passenger. The responsibility, then, falls on the driver to encourage his or her passengers to refrain from smoking in cars.

The new law will apply to any type of vehicle, commercial or passenger, “enclosed wholly or partly by a roof.”

Smoking in cars with children or young people under the age of 18 is, however, permitted when the vehicle is a convertible with its roof fully opened – simply leaving your windows down or sunroof opened isn’t enough, as deemed by the authorities, and the full fine will apply.

Sole drivers, aged 17 and above and those with a provisional license, may smoke in vehicles, provided that it is their own.

No mention has been made on if or not the law applies to e-cigarettes, where in the UK, the government has been showing further support of the devices in recent times.