Sebuah kereta dipandu seorang lelaki dilihat memandu secara merbahaya telah terlanggar sebuah tanker minyak..Pemandu cedera ringan, lori terbabas..Lokasi: Bagan Serai

Posted by Siakap Keli on Sunday, September 27, 2015

This horrific video is currently being widely shared on social media platforms. It shows a Perodua Kancil behaving in an extremely erratic manner on a straight country road, before smashing into a moving lorry from the opposing lane. It’s frightful stuff, this.

The incident apparently happened in Bagan Serai, according to Siakap Keli. It’s said that the driver survived the crash with “light injuries,” while the unfortunate fuel tanker was forced off the road. Looking at the extent of the damage, the Kancil driver was very, very lucky indeed.

Now folks, let’s treat this as yet another reminder to please pay attention and be careful behind the wheel. And if you happen to see a car drifting in and out of its lane, like the Kancil did before the crash, whipping your phone out to record a video while driving may not be the best idea…