The Johor Baru City Council (MBJB) has announced that it will be offering a discount of 80% for all types of compounds. The move commences on the October 1, and will carry on until the end of the year (2015).

The discount applies to all compound notices that have yet to be settled, which the MBJB mayor, A. Rahim Nin, says there are around 2.3 million of, between 2011 and 2015. At full price, the total sum of unpaid compounds the MBJB stand to collect amounts to RM88.3 million.

The goal is of course to start 2016 on a fresh note, by giving the people a chance to settle off any unpaid compounds that may include traffic offences, any premise renovation offences, and/or any compound notices that may have been issued during any special operations.

MBJB’s mayor said, “We hope that through this incentive, the public will start paying their outstanding compound notices to prevent further enforcement action taken against them.”

Should the public not pay up, major A. Rahim warned that legal action would be taken against those who have failed to settle their compounds within the standard three-month period.

The 80% discount is by far one of the largest discounts issued by the council, surpassing that issued for early payment, or by paying at a mobile counter.

“According to current rules and regulations, a discount of 60% is given to those who manage to settle it within two weeks from the compound date, while those who make payment at mobile counters get 50% off for any type of compound, except those received during enforcement operations.”

Better hurry along and pay those summons, folks. Don’t forget though, this one’s just for our friends in JB.