In a new study published by Waze in its first-ever “Global Driver Satisfaction Index” (GDSI), results have shown that Malaysian motorists are amongst the fourth unhappiest drivers in the world, ranking 17th out of a total of 30 countries that were surveyed.

Countries and cities were ranked based on a single digit score, from one (miserable) to 10 (satisfying), with the results of the survey then divided into six main categories: Traffic, Safety, Road Quality, Driver Services, Socio-Economic, “Wazeyness” and a final overall average being the “Most Satisfied” index.

For Road Quality, it appears that Malaysian drivers are relatively happy with the way things are, scoring a 7.4 average, just as Britain had achieved. The score is good enough for a joint ninth-spot overall, beating even the US and France for road quality.

In terms of Driver Services, which refers to the convenient availability of things like petrol stations and parking spaces, Malaysians as a whole weren’t very happy, achieving a score of just 1.4. Most satisfied with their Driver Services were the Philippines, who achieved a full 10. Indonesia was ranked the lowest, with just 1.0. Strangely, even Japan ranked lower than us, being next to bottom with a 1.1 score.

Scores were back up for safety, with Malaysia nabbing a generous 7.1 average, but still only managing the 23rd spot out of the 30 nations. This puts us ahead of Belgium, Israel, Panama and more.

For the Socio-economic category that assesses the accessibility of cars to Malaysians and the economical impact of fuel prices on us, we reported an average score of 6.6, which was good enough for 14th spot overall. It appears that US citizens are amongst the happiest with the accessibility of their cars there, and the prevailing petrol prices.

Malaysia’s rank in in the Traffic category is unclear because we just don’t seem to be listed here. What’s clear is that we aren’t in the top 15, nor are we in the bottom 15, either. A tie for somewhere in the middle? Most likely.

Where being helpful and happy on the “Wazeyness” scale, Malaysians rank a low 3.2, just ahead of Argentina, Italy and Indonesia.

Overall, this was good enough to land us 17th spot with our averages tallying to a “Most Satisfied” score of 5.1. The Netherlands holds top spot for satisfied drivers, with the country scoring an overall 7.9, while drivers in El Salvador appear to be the least satisfied, achieving a score of 2.1.

For the cities survey, it appears that Kuala Lumpur locals have shown even more dissatisfaction throughout the six survey categories, and it’s naturally reflected in the “overall” category.

In the Traffic index, KL drivers ranked their experiences to be in the 1-2 bracket. The drivers who scored it as such collectively showed an average travel time of 33.5 minutes. Manila and Jakarta were also included in this bracket, with Washington DC taking top spot, with a 7-8 bracket score.

PJ Traffic Jam

For Driver Services (fuel stations, parking lots, etc.) KL drivers seem satisfied with the current situation, scoring it in the 9-10 bracket. It also seems that Road Quality is satisfying to us KL folk, with the average score falling in the 8-7 bracket.

Socio-economy is where it starts to fall away for KL, declaring a slight dissatisfaction for the price of fuel and vehicles here, with an average score of 6-5. However, when it comes to helping each other out through the Waze app, KL drivers scored in the 3-4 bracket.

For the overall “Most Satisfied” drivers ranking, Kuala Lumpur stands in at 28th, also with an average score or 5.1 out of a possible 10. Phoenix, Arizona is listed as no.1 with a total score of 8 out of 10, while Bandung, Indonesia is listed to be rock bottom, scoring 3 out of 10.

So, how do you feel about these results? Are they reflective of your driving experiences?